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Size: 35lb Bale
Color: As Shown
35 Pound Bales

Also Available in 25 Pound Bales

Available by the pallet

35 Pound Bale

Airlite USA Animal Bedding

Price: $10.75

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Product Specs

  • Unused shredded cardboard animal bedding
  • Virtually 100% Dust, Mold & Allergan Free
  • Non Toxic
  • Highly absorbent
  • Warm & comfortable and maintains separation
  • Does not bind in fleece, coats, manes or tails
  • Composts in weeks after use
  • Economic – Less used and less wasted
  • Does not blow around in trailers
  • Inert to digestive systems
  • Pallets Contain 28 - 35 Pound bags. Standard Pallet Sizing with 96" Height. Freight Class 50.
  • Also available in 25 Pound bags for $8.00/bag!

Product Description

Airlite USA has been documented by several University Studies to be the safest bedding for animals where a dust free environment is desirable. The composition of our new recycled cardboard and manufacturing process of Airlite USA products, make it virtually dust, spore and allergen free. Along with its absorption rate makes it the healthiest alternative to other types of bedding. Other cardboard bedding products use recycled cardboard but it is not unused, often containing tape, contaminants, and other inflammatory mediators which they have no control over.

Airlite USA is also a desirable choice for the environment. It demonstrates a composting rate of 4-6 weeks compared to a 4-8 month rate for traditional pine shavings. Because of the constant demands and legislation to deal with the ongoing issue of manure management, Airlite is in position to be the accepted alternative for bedding in response to this issue.