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48 Hours 48 Hours "Peace of Mind" Plan at work!

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"48 Hours Peace of Mind" Plan

Labor & Birthing Delivery Services

Pricing: $350.00

$10.00/day boarding with Full Agistment services (includes cria).
Call for Details: 757.707.5052

Service Description

Alpaca birthing is generally an uneventful process, yet it is one of the more stressful events for new owners. Problem births (dystocias) are unusual in sound breeding animals, but when they do occur it is important to intervene as quickly as possible for the health of both the dam and cria.

Owner Laura Hineman is an experienced breeder possessing an impeccable record of delivering live healthy crias. Laura and her staff developed the farm’s “48 Hours Peace of Mind” Plan in which the farm dedicates the next 48 hours to ensure everything goes right with the new arrival.

Our Fox Wire Farm staff remains on site 24/7 for at least the next 48 hours after delivery. Once the placenta is passed Laura conducts a wellness examination on both dam and cria. She ensures the cria has a comfortable, well ventilated environment and the dam is doing well. She ensures each cria receives additional colostrum as soon as possible and provides supplemental bottles of milk to those crias requiring additional nutrition. Laura and her staff checks on them every couple of hours throughout the night.

Each cria is weighed daily to ensure proper weight gain and to make sure the dam is producing sufficient quantities of milk. The cria’s temperature is taken at regular intervals as well. IgG checks are conducted, as well as blood samples for ARI registration. Each cria’s progress is well documented for the owner’s (and veterinarian) records.

Our farm’s “48 Hours Peace of Mind” Plan works!

Terms of Service

Financing Available for qualified buyers.

Contact or email the farm for additional details at 757.218.4520